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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Chicago Pride Parade Attendance Count

June 28th, 1970: (1st) Attendance: 150-200 Parade Route: Bughouse Square, down Dearborn to Chicago Avenue, east to the Water Tower, then south on Michigan Avenue to the Civic Center (now Daley Plaza)[1]
June 27th, 1971: (2nd) Attendance: 1000 Parade Route: Diversey Harbor, going west to Clark Street, then south to the Free Forum at LaSalle Street [2]
June 25th, 1972: (3rd) Attendance:
June 24th, 1973: (4th) Attendance:
June 30th, 1974: (5th) Attendance:
June 29th, 1975: (6th) Attendance:
June 27th, 1976: (7th) Attendance:
June 26th, 1977: (8th) Attendance: 3000 Parade Route: Halsted and Addison, going east to Broadway, south to Clark, then south on Clark to Fullerton, east on Fullerton to Stockton Drive, and finally south on Stockton to the Lincoln Park Free Foru [3]
June 25th, 1978: (9th) Attendance:
June 24th, 1979: (10th) Attendance:
June 29th, 1980: (11th) Attendance:
June 28th, 1981: (12th) Attendance:
June 27th, 1982: (13th) Attendance: 30,000[4]
June 26th, 1983: (14th) Attendance:
June 24th, 1984: (15th) Attendance:
June 30th, 1985: (16th) Attendance: 35,000
June 29th, 1986: (17th) Attendance: 40,000
June 28th, 1987: (18th) Attendance:
June 26th, 1988: (19th) Attendance:
June 25th, 1989: (20th) Grand Marshal: Mayor Daley (first sitting Chicago Mayor to lead the Chicago parade)[3] Attendance:
June 24th, 1990: (21st) Attendance: 100,000[5]
June 30th, 1991: (22nd) Attendance: 100,000+
June 28th, 1992: (23rd) Attendance: 115,000
June 27th, 1993: (24th) Attendance: 140,000
June 5th, 1994: (25th) Attendance: 160,000[6]
June 25th, 1995: (26th) Attendance: 175,000
June 30th, 1996: (27th) Attendance: 150,000
June 29th, 1997: (28th) Attendance: 200,000
June 28th, 1998: (29th) Attendance: 200,000+
June 27th, 1999: (30th) Attendance: 250,000
June 25th, 2000: (31st) Attendance: 350,000
June 24th, 2001: (32nd) Attendance: 350,000
June 30th, 2002: (33rd) Attendance: 350,000
June 29th, 2003: (34th) Grand Marshal Billy Bean; Attendance: 375,000[7]
June 27th, 2004: (35th) Grand Marshal Esera Tuaolo; Attendance: 375,000[8]
June 26th, 2005: (36th) Grand Marshal Wilson Cruz; Attendance: 450,000[9]
June 25th, 2006: (37th) Grand Marshal George Takei; Attendance: 400,000[10]
June 24th, 2007: (38th) Grand Marshal John Amaechi; Attendance: 450,000[11]
June 29th, 2008: (39th) "Live, Love, Be Proud"; Grand Marshal Eric Alva Attendance: 450,000[12];
June 28th, 2009: (40th) "Stonewall: 40 Years After"; Grand Marshal Alexandra Billings; Attendance: 500,000
June 27th, 2010: (41st) "One heart, One world, one pride"; Grand Marshal Chely Wright; Attendance: 450,000 [13] [14]
June 26th, 2011: (42nd) Grand Marshal Fernanda Rocha; Attendance: 750,000 [15]
June 24th, 2012: (43rd) Grand Marshal Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marry; Attendance: 850,000 [16]
June 30th, 2013, Noon – 4:00 pm: (44th) [17]

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